Bullying & the 3 P’s

I just found this nurse’s blog recently, but you can bet I will be a regular visitor to see what she posts and to read old postings.  I love that she delivers her message in a very succinct way that is direct and useful.  I think she may become my favorite nurse blogger.

I contacted her to see if I could post this here and she agreed.  I only posted a small part of the entire blog post, so please click over to read the entire thing.  It is definitely worth the effort.

As a retired nurse, I understand exactly what this post is about and I also agree that our patients are the ones who end up paying the price for such behavior.  I have been yelled at, I have had charts thrown at me, I have had a physician report me to my nurse manager because I refused to leave my patient to get him a cup of coffee.  This is not  a rare event in the working life of any nurse, this is a daily event.

There is also the problem of nursing “eating their young” which seems absurd when you hear it but believe me is a real and horrible problem on the units.  So the bullying can come from any direction–the patient, the patient’s family, the other nurses, or even the physicians.

Please read this and maybe print it out to give to your nurse manager for your next unit meeting.  You will be doing everyone you work with, including yourself, a really big favor.


Bullying & the 3 P’s

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Bullying & the 3 P’s

Let’s face it; bullying is awful. Nobody likes to be yelled at, made to feel incompetent, or treated with disrespect in the work place. However, the healthcare environment can be extremely stressful and unpredictable, requiring quick action, which can sometimes lead to folks coming across as either snarky or barky.  High stress can also lead to disruptive behaviors. While some might just say, “suck it up buttercup”, the effects of disruptive behaviors reach far beyond the medical staff.


read the entire post here.

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