Doctor bullying–is it real?

Doctor bullying.  What exactly is that?  Here is an article, first found in Slate Magazine, but now on Business Insider, that talks about a secret problem most nurses have had to deal with on a daily basis.  Now, I have worked with many, many doctors over the years and I can say that only one physician ever bullied me.  But, there it is.  I was bullied by my doctor who was supposed to be working  with me to help my patients get better.

In my case, I decided to stand up for myself and I had a very long and frank discussion with the physician in the break room.  Did it help?  Yes it did.  Did it stop him from bullying other nurses? No it did not.  Did he ever get called on the carpet for his behavior? Not that I am aware of.

Nursing is stressful enough without adding the aspect of doctor bullying to the stew.  In this article, which promotes a book–I know, you can see some of the issues nurses have to deal with daily that have a big impact on patient care and they have absolutely no control over.

I am not promoting the book but I am advocating for nurses, so I hope you take the time to read this article to the end and see what you think about it.


An epidemic of bullying doctors is threatening both nurses and patient

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