Nurses Named #1 Most Trustworthy Profession for 15th Year by Gallup Poll

Here is a little article I found that gave me pause.

First, this is printed on Chamberlain University’s webpage.  To me it seems that maybe the source is touting its own horn here.

Second, there constantly are “polls” telling us about who is #1 at this or that, who is the top of some list, etc.  I am quite skeptical of such “polls”.  Who was polled?  Whose information is included in the numbers?

Lastly, as a retired nurse myself, I can say that I love nursing and believe in my heart that nurses are trustworthy and professional.  However, I have worked with many who might fall short of those qualities.

Nurses are just people.  Granted they are people who care about others; however they are still just people.  You get good people and bad people in every profession.  I do know that nurses are held to a very high standard and are constantly reviewed by the nursing boards when they make errors.

But the bottom line is that all nurses have the potential to make errors and unfortunately, these errors have the ability to cause harm to an already compromised individual.  Now all that having been said, I do believe that nursing is professional, that nurses want to do what is best for their patients, that nurses never intentionally make errors (except maybe in the event of drug diversion), and nurses are really good people.

So read this little article, click over to see the poll results even.  It is nice for nursing as a profession to be acknowledged, but maybe the accolades need to come from somewhere outside of nursing to be taken seriously.

In 25 years, I have worked with wonderful nurses.  I have loved working with them all.  In the last 2 years while my daughter has been critically ill, I have been in the company of many wonderful nurses who worked tirelessly to save her life.  I have no complaint about the quality and trustworthiness of nurses in general.  I love all nurses.

Please click over and look at this article at its source and be sure to check out the poll.



Nurses Named #1 Most Trustworthy Profession for 15th Year by Gallup Poll

  • by Molly Mattison
  • Dec 20, 2016

No surprises here! Nursing has been ranked #1 for honesty and ethical standards by an annual Gallup poll released this week. This is the 15th straight year that nurses have topped the list.

For the poll, Gallup interviewed a sample of Americans living in all 50 states and the District of Columbia to rate the ethical standards of nurses, as well as 21 other professions.

Of those surveyed, 84% rated nurses “high” or “very high” for honesty and ethical standards. This is a full 17 percentage points higher than pharmacists, who nabbed the #2 spot…(read the rest of this article here)


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