Remembrance of Days Gone By

Today is All Soul’s Day and I think it would be appropriate to reminisce about nursing in the past.  Remembrance of days gone by is always challenging because reflection brings strong emotions to bear sometimes.

I was leaving my exercise class this morning at the clinic and I spied this picture up on the wall in the entryway.  I was mesmerized by this photo.  It made me stop and think about all the nurses who went before me, all the nurses who blazed trails for the modern day nurse.  I fear that most or all of the nurses in this picture may be deceased by now, but posting the photo here is my way of saying, “Thank you very much for your service.”

It also helps me to remember that as a nurse myself, I am part of a long line of selfless, caring people who wanted to make the world a better place one patient at a time.

Let’s use this opportunity to remember nurses past.

remembrance of days gone by

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