Unapologetically a Nurse

Here is an essay I found on the Huffington Post headed “Unapologetically a Nurse”, and I am so glad I found it and glad I read it.  Nurses everywhere need to read this.  She defines nursing in such a profound way, with unadulterated truth and honesty.  Nurses are just people.  However, they are very special people who have been called to minister to others.  I know, that sounds corny in today’s world, but corny or not, it is the truth.  You can run away and try to evade it, but if nursing is calling you, nursing will get you.

I was tearfully moved by one statement she makes in her essay, ” And yet those who are in on the secret, or at least are suspicious of it, understand that it was no miracle that saved your loved one. Rather, it was the intent and vigilant care of a critically thinking, intuitive, and fiercely devoted nurse. Our secret is that we save more lives than we are willing to admit; we catch more errors than we hope to share; and we can sense subtle nuances that prevent a turn for the worse. ”  This is so true.  I can speak as a nurse but I can also speak as a parent.

When my youngest daughter was bleeding to death in ICU after her liver/kidney transplant, it was her 7p-7a nurse that saved her life that night.  She worked tirelessly and she hung bag after bag of blood, platelets, albumin, and IV fluids to keep my daughter alive.  She took orders from the nurse practitioners on the floor that night as well as three different doctors calling orders in to her from home.  She went with my daughter off the floor, bringing all those bags of life saving fluids with her for a procedure to try to find and stop the bleed.

As far as I am concerned, that night I witnessed a miracle and was in the presence of a real Angel.  I cannot ever thank her enough for all she did and the worst part of it all is that I don’t even know her name–just Liz.  When my daughter stabilized and her shift was over, she hugged me and told me to go home and get some sleep, then she left and I never saw her again.  But believe me, she is in every prayer I utter every day.

Please read this essay.  You will be a better person for it and you will understand your nurse better for it.


Unapologetically a Nurse

I’m No Angel

I sit here starting at a blank computer screen, filled with quiet concern. It’s simply that I have so many things to say to about the nineteen million and counting nurses across the planet, and not enough time in the world to say it. They are my team. They are my posse. They are my family — an utterly dysfunctional one, but family at that. I believe that few professions exist where colleagues can be grossly irritated by each other one moment, and cracking jokes in the next. It has been mentioned before that what we do every day makes us akin to the “Navy Seals” of the healthcare profession. That statement alone suggests that nurses work in some of the most stressful environments while enduring more intense circumstances daily than many face in a lifetime. What we do, every single day, is a labor of love. But we are all in on the real secret: nurses are not angels placed on earth to serve and lift. We are not diminutive and submissive and gentle souls that kiss boo-boos. We are not the starched white caps and perfectly polished shoes that history books portray. Nor are we fishnet stockings and naughty rendezvous in dark corners. We have been glamorized and fetishized and placed on a pedestal unlike any other profession, and yet the definition of what we are is only surpassed by the list of what we are not.

Please read the rest of this short essay here.  I promise you it is well worth your time.

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